Affordable Metal RV Covers and High-Clearance Carports For Sale

Are you looking to buy a metal carport structure with plenty of headroom? Metal RV Covers are carport-like structures made high enough for an RV, large truck, oversized equipment, or other tall items you would like to protect from the rain and sun. Metal RV Covers from Carports 4 You are extensively customizable. The metal cover can have open sides, partial sides, or closed sides. At a minimum, most people prefer to customize the RV cover with partially closed sides and ends; however, a metal RV cover can become a tall garage with roomy headspace if you fully enclose the structure and add garage doors. Whether you plan to park your camper van, camper trailer, or some other type of vehicle, be sure to measure the total height, including the A/C unit so that we can accurately quote your custom-built structure.

RV Cover Uses:

  • RV Storage
  • Truck Storage
  • Trailer Storage
  • Boat Storage

Protect your investments from harsh climate conditions! Our metal RV covers are well worth their cost! Contact us for a fast and free quote today!

Below, you can click an image to see pricing for the RV cover pictured. Are you still looking for more information? Keep scrolling to read about our available metal RV cover building styles, finance options, and service area.

Three Easy Steps to Get Your Building


Your Building

Our online configurator makes it easy for you to visualize and design your metal building. Choose from the available styles and options to create your custom metal building. Once you have the perfect building configuration, submit it for a quote.


Your Building

We will review your building and email you a quote. If you have any further customizations you would like to implement, please let us know! Once you are satisfied with the building configuration and quote, you can order your building and make the downpayment.


Your Building

Your new metal building will be fabricated and packaged in preparation for delivery. Delivery times vary depending on the area.  Please inquire about the estimated lead times for your location. The installation crew will schedule, deliver and set up your new building. The balance is due upon delivery. Enjoy your new building.

What makes a steel RV cover an ideal structure for protecting your investments on wheels?

There are numerous reasons why a steel structure is often the right choice for protecting your RV. Unlike wood structures, metal frames are not susceptible to termites and rotting. A metal RV cover is also a reduced fire hazard. When you choose to place your order with Carports 4 You, we will step you through the ordering process. We can engineer your structure to meet the specific requirements you have. You can be sure that we will provide you with a quality metal RV cover that will provide weather protection for your vehicles and valuable items for many years to come.

What are the style options available for a metal RV cover?

The regular style metal RV Cover is a simple and economical steel structure. The metal sheeting is fastened to the length of the building. The sheeting from the roof wraps down the sides to the desired height. The boxed eve style of metal RV cover has a slight overhang on the roof, and the side tucks up under the eves of the structure. Roof sheeting on the vertical style RV cover runs from the peak to the roof edge instead of being fastened to the RV cover length. This orientation better sheds the rain and snow but comes at a higher cost. You can decide which style is right for you. As always, if you have questions, we are here to guide you in making the right decision for your situation.

What can I expect when purchasing a metal RV cover from Carports 4 You?

We commit to responding to your inquiry promptly. Whether you are looking for a metal carportmetal garagemetal barn, metal RV cover, or even a metal commercial building, we understand that each customer is unique. We work hard to meet your specific needs. We can help with the permitting process for your location by providing certified plans for the metal structures we sell. After selecting your steel RV cover and making payment arrangements, we will schedule delivery. You will soon be the happy owner of a metal RV cover. Carports 4 You is located in Mt. Vernon, IL. If you would like to know how long the current lead time on new orders, ask us! Contact Us through our website, or Call Us at 618-214-6659.

What are my purchase and financing options for buying a metal RV cover?

We want you to know that paying for your new metal RV cover upfront is the most cost-effective buying option. If you are looking for financing, we provide possibilities for the purchase of your metal RV cover. Please visit our financing page for more information.

In what states does Carports 4 You deliver metal RV covers?

We sell RV covers in twenty-five US states. In our North Service area, we deliver our metal structures to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Indiana. We provide metal buildings to many Colorado and New Mexico locations on our service area's western edge. We sell metal buildings in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. In Florida, we can deliver to anywhere except for the southern tip. Contact Carports 4 You for your quote.