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Metal Carports and Covers to Protect your Vehicles From the Weather

If you're looking for a metal carport, you are indeed at the right place. After all, our name is literally "Carports4you". We want to help you find the right metal carport for your needs. Whether you're protecting your vehicles, garden implements, or boats, we can provide the perfect carport for your needs.

Three Easy Steps to Get Your Building


Your Building

Our online configurator makes it easy for you to visualize and design your metal building. Choose from the available styles and options to create your custom metal building. Once you have the perfect building configuration, submit it for a quote.


Your Building

We will review your building and email you a quote. If you have any further customizations you would like to implement, please let us know! Once you are satisfied with the building configuration and quote, you can order your building and make the downpayment.


Your Building

Your new metal building will be fabricated and packaged in preparation for delivery. Delivery times vary depending on the area.  Please inquire about the estimated lead times for your location. The installation crew will schedule, deliver and set up your new building. The balance is due upon delivery. Enjoy your new building.

How can a metal carport benefit me?

Great question! Carports have many uses, but the most apparent use lies in the name. Although perfect for sheltering cars, trucks, and other vehicles, a steel carport can also protect things like boats, garden or farm implements, trailers, and other equipment. Their flexible designs even allow for other purposes such as for use as a pavilion or animal shelter!

I want a Carport. How do I get started?

First, contact us. You can do that by using our contact page, requesting a quote, or calling us at 618-214-6659. We're ready to answer any questions you may have about carport options, specs, or other details. We can even provide you with permitting assistance. Once you've decided which carport will be yours and have placed a down payment, we schedule delivery. In a few short weeks, your new metal structure will arrive, and your vehicles will be safe from the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my configuration options for a metal carport?

We already "covered" the carport's variety of uses, but let's talk design. Carports come in a variety of basic styles. The regular carport or economy carport is the lowest priced option. It features a bend transition from the roof to the sides, and the roof panels are horizontally placed front to back. The boxed eave carports are the mid-grade option. They feature an A-frame style roofline with the panels also installed horizontally. The vertical roof carport, on the other hand, features vertical roof panels. Panels installed vertically help them stay cleaner and last longer. This steel carport style also features deeper trim on the sides and ends and a ridge cap where the roof panels meet.

Are those the only options for a metal carport?

No. That's only the tip of the iceberg! Steel paneled carports come in various colors from blues to reds to greens to grays to browns and everything in between. The trim, side panels, and roof panels can all be customized to match your color scheme. You can also choose how much of a side you need. A carport can have one side covered, both sides covered, or none of the sides covered. You may also opt for partial sides, which allow for an open structure while providing just a little more protection from the elements.

Purchasing Options for Carports

At Carports4you, we like to make it easy for you to purchase a metal carport. You can pay cash up front, which is the most cost-effective option. We do, of course, also offer a few financing options. Head on over to our financing page to learn more.