At Carports4you we are able to offer rent-to-own and financing options to get a structure if you do not have the cash available now.  While either of these plans can be helpful, please bear in mind that the least expensive way to buy a building is to pay for it in full  when you purchase it.  Below are the basics of each plan.

Rent – To – Own

  • No Credit Check
  • Buyer must provide SSN, DOB, DL#, and two full references.
  • RTO contracts must be a minimum of $3000 before tax.
  • We can do contracts of 24,36,48,or 60 Month  duration.
  • It is required to pay Down Payment + Origination Fee + First Month’s rent.  This may total 20% of the building cost more or less.  Down payment is due at time of order and Origination fee and first month’s rent is due at time of scheduling.
  • Buyer must own the land where the structure will be placed or the landowner must sign a waiver permitting the building to be installed.
  • Building must be certified.
  • RTO company is Heartland Capital Investments and their phone # is 270-247-3199.
  • There is no penalty for using the Early Purchase option.
  • Please contact Carports4you with any other questions about the RTO option.  It is our goal to be transparently honest with all the facts and figures of the RTO option.



Financing Option

  • Down Payment of 10% – 16% required.
  • Applicant must own the property where structure will be built.
  • Credit check required.
  • Minimum FICO score of 630 required.
  • Interest rate, terms, and amount financed all depend upon credit score.
  • Contact Carports4you for further help.  We will be glad to explain the further details of this program.
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