Leslie Strite – Wayne City, IL

Having enough space is a challenge for any business. But adding more space by demolishing an old structure and building a new one adds another dimension to the challenge. Such was the problem for Leslie Strite, owner of Diamond Auto and Truck Service in Wayne City, IL. To tackle the issue, Leslie contacted Carports4you to purchase a new steel-framed building for his business. This was the first time that Carports4you did a construction project for him, but Leslie’s previous acquaintance with the company gave him confidence they would do a great job with his project.

Why did Leslie choose a steel-framed structure instead of a wood-framed one? Not only was a steel-framed building more cost-effective, but it was also faster to construct. One reason for building a new structure was to move the truck inspection lane out of Diamond Auto’s existing shop. Getting this project done would help the business increase its workspace and operate more efficiently.

And how was Leslie’s experience working with Carports4you? Hassle-free! Carports4you provided him with excellent, professional customer service. When the project got started, the crew stuck with the job until it was finished, and they completed it in a reasonable timeframe. In addition, the crew was tidy and cleaned up the site when the job was done. Leslie was very satisfied with the finished project he received. “A 9 out of 10,” he said, adding that he would recommend Carports4you to others who are looking for very reasonably priced steel-frame buildings.

Need a high-quality metal building that won’t break the bank? Want the same results that Leslie had? At Carports4you, we are committed to giving you an affordable structure and a pleasant buying experience. Whether you need a carport or a commercial building, we are here to listen and provide solutions tailored to your needs.

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